Troubadour’s new home: The TechArb

Tech Arb Alley DoorwayTroubadour is proud to be working this summer at the TechArb (alley entrance depicted at right)- a student-run incubator for UM student tech startups.  Other cool companies working in this “subterranean” (article at the Ann Arbor Chronicle) co-working space include:

  • Backyard Brains, which enables high school teachers to incorporate neurophysiology into their lessons.
  • Carrier Mobile, which aims to replace hand-written logs for truck drivers with cell phone software.
  • CrowdClarity, which uses the wisdom of crowds—often called crowdsourcing—to assist in product development.
  • Mobil33t, a mobile development company primarily focused on smartphone application development.
  • My BandStock, which allows bands to raise money from their fan base to make records.
  • Phonagle, which focuses on team-based multiplayer games incorporating social networking.
  •, which focuses on iPhone applications and other ventures.
  • Shepherd Intelligent Systems, which tracks public buses and posts their locations online through Google Maps.
  • WOMP Software, which creates and distributes lightweight, easy-to-use software.

The TechArb is a temporary home to these startups, but with the support of the university and local venture firm, RPM Ventures, it may be a more permanent space to foster entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan.  Full article from the University of Michigan News Service.

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